Congress Park

One of Denver’s most popular older neighborhoods, Congress Park began its residential boom between the late 1890s and the 1940s.  The actual Congress Park, which serves as the anchor of the neighborhood, was created on the site of an old cemetery that had fallen into disrepair.  Because the land was owned by the United States by virtue of an 1860 treaty with the Arapaho, the change of land use from cemetery to park required approval by Congress, which is how the park and neighborhood got their name.  Home styles include Denver Squares, brick Bungalows as well as Mission, Mediterranean, Dutch Colonial and Charming Victorians along the historic Seventh Avenue Parkway.  Early Art Deco apartment buildings and 1960s high-rises round out the mix.  Charming stores and restaurants are within walking distance, and the Cherry Creek shopping district is quite near.

BOUNDARIES:  NORTH – E. Colfax Avenue  SOUTH – E. 6th Avenue  EAST – Colorado Boulevard  WEST – York Street

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